Thursday, March 4, 2010

Travel and Review : New Zealand : Queenstown

New Zealand – South Island – Christchurch – Mt Cook - Queenstown

While you are travelling from Mt Cook to Queenstown, don’t forget to stop at Omarama for some light shopping. The price for the unique items in this small village is rather affordable. And if you fancy some fruits, again along the Mt Cook – Queenstown route, do not forget to stop at JONES fruit stall. You cannot miss it, it is just along the way.

Unlike Christchurch which is more city like, Queenstown is more village than city yet more bustle. It is also strange when you find the young adult locals telling you that they have never gone beyond the town their whole life because in my opinion it is a small town. You just cannot help but ponder.


Then I bought a ticket to ride the gondola.


And from the top, I think I understand why.

The view is simply magnificent.


Apart from enjoying the view from the top, trying the luge is a must.

It is truly thrilling yet safe.

You can control the speed thus you can go as slowly as you like or as fast as you like.


But in Queenstown, it is all about the death defying thrills thus don’t forget to at least book one.

For me, I tried the White River Rafting.

If you are a lone traveller, it is not a problem. The instructor will group all the solo travellers together. Beside, isn’t the fun part about travelling is to meet new people?


The front guy actually got toppled over but he managed to swim to safety. No one was physically injured during the activity.

Thus Queenstown is a must stop on your way to discover New Zealand. If you are a shopper, no worries ~ there are plenty of shops for the shopper in you. You can even find Louis Vuitton shop there. So whether you love shopping or simply love the thrills of rafting, they are all there.

Great town. Great people.


Next Stop: Arrowtown.

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