Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Travel and Review: New Zealand : Christchurch

New Zealand – South Island – Christchurch


Dec 2009 – The view from the plane is rather picturesque. My review will cover the trip I took that cover both South and North Island. Unfortunately with more than 2 weeks, it was still impossible to cover both islands of New Zealand thoroughly which means that I have to make another trip there in the near future.

Upon landing, look out for the public Red Bus. For NZ$7.5 it will take you into the heart of the Christchurch itself.


Christchurch is a rather small town. Thus a good (but a tad expensive) way to see the whole city will be via the Tram. Its a novelty for people like me who live in a ‘Tramless’ country.

Some of the amazing view you can see while on the Tram. Its a hop on hop off tram so you can start at any station and re-board again at any station.

Like I said before, its a rather small town thus a day or two is sufficient if you happen to be visiting the city.


Next stop : Mt Cook.

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