Monday, October 1, 2012

W Hotel - A hotel tucked away at the end of Sentosa Island.

For those of us who frequent Sentosa, we will realize that the island is filled with great beaches and an awesome theme park but many may not know that tucked in the eastern corner of the island is an amazing hotel tucked neatly beside a residential area for boat owners. As you drive (or driven) towards the hotel, you will leave the noises from screaming kids behind and enter another world. A world of the rich and super rich. Here you will find W Residence (owners who most probably also owned the boats along the jetty.) before finally reaching the eastern most point of Sentosa and seeing W Hotel. Check in was fast and quick and the moment you enter your room, you will just love the simple amenities yet useful which you may not find in other hotels.

Rainshower! All hotel must have a rain shower in my humble opinion.

The bathtub has windows to enable watching your favorite shows while soaking in the tub a reality.

The view! I love the view! For that few nights, you can imagine you are one of the W Residence who owns boats parked nicely just outside your apartment. I can dream, can I not?

Charge whatever models of phone/ipads/tablets you possess. Cool if I might add.

Chandeliers along the walkway. Beautiful!

Night view as you find your way to W Hotel. If you are blindfolded and then have the blindfolds remove, you might not guess this is Sentosa.

Lifts with soft sofa. My first!

The lobby has sofas that are just calling you to sit on them!


In the morning, walk along the jetty and admire the boats (and imagine it will one day be yours!). The life of the rich and super rich ..... I can't help but feel envious when I was walking here. 

W Hotel will transport you like a dream into the world of the rich. Its quiet and serene and unlike other parts of Sentosa that are filled with screaming people riding the rides at USS, here you will find yourself fully refreshed the next day. 
Alas, in the end you must wake up from your dreams but not before you laze around in their comfy hammock. Till the next time ...... till the next time.