Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hotel Review - Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This review will be focusing on the deluxe room of the Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
If you manage to get an LRT to KLCC, you will definitely have no problem finding this hotel - well its a matter of whether you find it faster or slower.

Let me tell you the slower way because this is exactly what happened to me. At the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, I followed the direction indicated - no worries it was very obvious - only to discover that you have to go through an underpass, a walk through a carpark and then you will finally reach KLCC in which case you still have to walk a further two hundred metres (trust me KLCC is really huge) and wahlah - you will find Traders Hotel. Needless to say, I was perspiring by the time I reach the hotel.

Of course there is a fast way - the hotel actually provide a free shuttle from the Suria KLCC shopping centre all the way to the entrance. So silly me!

Well it was a good work out!

By the way, the reception is on the 5th floor so just take the elevator and you will be there in no time at all - the check-in was the fastest I have ever encountered thus far - even faster than my favourite HILTON KL Hotel.

In a deluxe room, this is what you will get,

Let me tell you - I love the bed - its not too soft nor too hard - just nice after a long walk - of course smarter readers of this site should just take the shuttle. The sofa is a great add-on to just laze while reading your favourite book.

Of course no room can be complete without the tv and an office desk to do your business work. By the way the minibar is on the left side of the chair( however there was no price list attached)- lots of items - of course considering you are just a few metres from Suria KLCC, it is just cost efficient to purchase the items from there instead of getting it from the minibar.

What is a hotel without a luxurious bathroom? A motel and Traders is no motel!

The toilet has a manual control bidet so as to allow easy washing of the nether regions. My only complain is the small shower area - large bathtub but small shower area so definitely not suitable for those romantic couple shower.

It also comes with the expected necessities such as the safety box, ironing board and a nice area where you can sit on while putting on your shoes.

I love the slippers - very basic yet comfy.

Your side desks comes with an alarm clock and a complimentary mineral water bottle.

Oops actually your side desks comes with 2 complimentary water bottles.

A good hotel is not complete without its complimentary toiletries - although its branded after Traders Hotel - the products smell expensive and actually quite good to use.
Most hotels that I have been to always do not have a shaving kit and at Traders it comes in very nice green packaging as can be seen below

So what do I think about Traders Hotel? I think it is simply wonderful - from the fast and courteous customer service to the well maintained room - for RM448, it is definitely a hotel you should try to stay if you are planning on staying at KLCC area because SURIA KLCC alone can fill your shopping desires. Plus, it is quieter at night and the view of the twin towers is just a sight to behold.
Final verdict:
82 out of a possible 100.

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