Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hotel Review - Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur

Getting to this hotel is super easy - from KL Sentral all you need to do is simply take the monorail to Raja Chulan Station and the hotel is just next to it!

This review will be focusing on its Club Floor Access Room.
I arrive slightly early around 1pm plus thus my room was not ready and was asked to wait till 2pm (which was the official check-in time).
I wasn't agitated or anything since I know I was early but since I booked a Club Floor Access Room, shouldn't I be at least asked to wait at the club floor lounge instead? which is by the way complimentary for those staying in the club floor???

But I was too tired to argue - Cos I just checked out from Piccolo Hotel (stayed there to review it) and did some minor shopping before going to Crowne Plaza Mutiara - I decided to have some pastries (I have not had lunch) - thus this was a blessing in disguise - if I hadn't been asked to wait I would not have discovered TIFFINs! You got the try the biscuits and cakes there - they are simply marvellous. Anyway by the time I was finished it was already 2:30pm and my room was ready.

Without further ado let me show you the room.

For my first time ever that I saw additional decorative pillows (the diamond-looking ones) on the bed. They are practically useless anyway to me but on the aesthetics level, they do look kind of pretty - anyway I think they go with the room decor and all. The touch of a batik linen across the foot of the bed really brings out the traditional Malay feel to the room - very cozy indeed.

Next up is the laze sofa - it was indeed very comfortable and it comes with - guess what? - more pillows!

The business desk area is situated away from the tv so this will not obstruct those who wish to do work and those who wish to watch tv at the same time. By the way if you are on the club access floor, the broadband internet is free - and the speed is probably around 1mb per second - not too fast not too slow.

Unfortunately the tv is not big - I really need my plasma 42" tv fix :(

I really like the design of the bathroom very much - you can just laze in the bathtub and watch tv at the same time or if you prefer privacy - you can always use the sliding partition door.

The shower is pretty large enough for two - ehem!
And the toilet is tuck away very nicely at the back away from prying eyes so two people can use the shower and the toilet at the same time without actually having to look at each other - now thats what I call a holy toilet matrimony!

And of course, the things I always look forward to when staying in a hotel - the free toiletries and Crowne Plaza did not disappoint. They use a high branded Australian product Red Earth - [edit] Apparently Red Earth is not high branded but nonetheless it smells really good.

And so for a mere RM518 per night, you can pamper yourself in the room while using the 24hour free broadband and have free breakfast in private club lounge at 21st floor - away from the menial folks who will scavenge greedily during that meal time at the inn on the 1st floor - oh well - life is good when you can afford it - of course for those who can't you can simply get a simple guest room for half of that price (but no free breakfast though)
But of course if you (referring to the the club lounge access patrons) decide to mix with the others than by all mean have dinner at the Planter's Inn on the 1st floor. I have to admit the spread is huge and the food plus service are simply 5star!!!
Overall, I did not expect a lot from Crowne Plaza Mutiara KL considering its a rather old hotel but how wrong I was - the hotel beats my expectation and I am simply satisfied!
Will I return there again? Well yes definitely! But since I have a duty to all of you to try the different 4star to 5star hotels around KL and review them - Crowne Plaza will have to wait for my return :)
Overall verdict:
81 out of a possible 100 (I would have deducted more marks since they asked me to wait instead of escorting me to the Club Lounge but because of that I discovered Tiffins, I have decided not to take any points off)


  1. Just one comment from an Australian: firstly Red Earth is not a high end product. The fact that you believe this product is high end clearly shows how discerning you aren't!

  2. Thanks Anna for clearing that up. Hopefully, now I will be able to discern better.