Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Amala. A villa stay for a great honeymoon.

The Amala exceeded all expectations I had of a typical villa stay. Locations are great as it's near the entrance of the main road so you won't get stuck in traffic if you stayed near the beach. 
It's not too far from the beach either - just 10min of walking or you can always use the complimentary Amala shuttle to the beach and walk back to the hotel while passing many many shops along the way.

Service from the staff was outstanding. I was contacted prior to the stay for activities provided by the hotel. We took the cooking class and my wife also had the spa. Both were amazing. Being guided by a wonderful chef Gede in Balinese cuisine was a worthwhile unforgettable experience . Meals prepared by him thereafter was also of high standard in terms of taste and presentation. (They are also able to cater to our dietary requirements)

My wife also had an amazing time with the spa services - the masseuse was amazing. Must try she said .

As for the rooms, it was clean and well attended. Due to having real trees within the villa , we discovered a bird's nest inside ours due to loud mating noises made at night but being nature lovers, we did not inform the staff. We manage to tolerate it after a night .

We also had a lovely candlelight dinner and bath - arranged by the staff in spectacular details.

In short, my wife and I love staying in the Amala. It was an amazing experience.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Michaelangelo Hotel in Milan Italy : Location is superb.

Milan is not cheap ........ But that being said this hotel is value for money. 

The location is superb and overall it's not too shabby of a hotel. So if are not looking for an opulent and luxurious hotel but just a comfortable place to sleep then look no further.

Near Centrale milan train
Got jacuzzi bathtub
Hop on hop off bus just 50m away

No iron and ironing board - only has a pant press.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hesperia Hotel : An okay B&B but location is great.

This is a B&B and location wise its great as its near the train station. You just need to be able to find it - and as is all places in Venice, finding it can be a challenge if you don't have a map on your smartphone. (Don't use address in Venice - even Venitian find it difficult if you simply ask them about a place by giving them an address). Have a map!

The hotel gave us a corner room which is huge by european standards. Overall its liveable but don't expect 4 star and above living amenities. Everything including the toilet is just basic.

But with all B&B, the breakfast are rather personal and having breakfast in a small corner of the hotel can be rather dainty experience.

Overall it ain't bad, because for me, the price of staying there is truly a value on its own.
Room Tip: Just along the canal of the hotel lies a delicious seafood restaurant. Its near the bridge just 5min walk from the hotel. You cannot missed it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Moon Hotel at 23 Dickson Street is a no frills hotel that provide the basic necessities.

Imagine you just want a staycation but the high-end hotel is beyond your reach then Moon hotel may be your next best option.
Because, if you are those that prefer to just shop or watch a movie till late but instead of going home prefer to sleep in a hotel yet at the same time don't want to feel miserable, this hotel provide just that ..... a comfortable place to sleep in.

There is breakfast, late night entry requires you to scan your keycard .......... and the fact that its near central means you can hail a cab and don't get charge exorbitantly for the late night charge.

Some rooms have no windows but curtains are being used to create the sense that there are windows beyond ...........don't check though because its just a wall! 

Nice staff......value added price can't go wrong here if what you looking for is a safe, nice place to crash after late night partying.