Friday, December 23, 2011

T & R : Rome (10th day out of 2 weeks in Italy)

Travel & Review : Rome (10th to 12th days out of 2 weeks in Italy)
Rome, one of the world’s ancient cities is filled with historical monuments wherever you go. Even within its city centre, mere walking can lead you to many places that simply just invokes the spirit of romanticism. I love Rome. So should you. I promise.

If you been following my blog article then you know that I was from Siena. From here, all you need is a 4 hour bus ride to reach Rome City Centre (all the trains and buses end here). Again, from Siena, you may choose to take the train(which is few miles away from city centre) or you can take the bus. (I recommend this as its within Siena City Centre)

I like to introduce Rome by asking you to choose a good place of accommodation because at the end of the day of miles of walking, you want to go back to a place which at the very least provide you with good clean rooms. In this aspect Hotel IQ Roma did not disappoint.

Friday, December 16, 2011

T & R : Siena (Day 9 out of 14 days in Italy)

Travel & Review : Siena (Day 9 out of 14 days in Italy)
From Florence, the trip to Siena is best taken via a bus. I am not anti-train or anything to that similitude but the fact is Siena is like an enclave in which the entire town is practically castled with walls and the train station is outside and a few miles away from it. By taking the bus, it will take you into the town itself which is what you are interested in (or at least I was).
A city that still honour traditions such as the Palio races that take place twice a year which challenges the best contrada (Districts within Siena which still exists today).
Siena does not allow any form of private vehicles within its walls so its all walk and walk and walk.
Streets of Siena (above)

Friday, December 2, 2011

T & R : San Gimignano ( 5th to 9th out of 14 days in Italy )

From Florence, book a half day tour out of Florence to San Gimignano. (Village of Towers)
Apparently back in the past , size do matters (Does it still now?) …. as such the bigger your stature in the city of San Gimignano, the taller their towers. Thus everybody try to outdo everyone by making towers as high as possible.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

T & R : Florence Day 3 ( 5th to 9th out of 14 days in Italy )

T & R : Florence Day 3 ( 5th to 9th out of 14 days in Italy )
Do visit the Uffizi (Recommended : Book a tourguide via which include the entrance fee) to learn more about the Arts …… superb collection.
Below is a view from the back of the Uffizi overlooking the Ponte Vecchio.
Do try the Hop On Hop Off Bus tours which will take you to the outskirt of Florence and get to see the other views of Florence.