Friday, December 2, 2011

T & R : San Gimignano ( 5th to 9th out of 14 days in Italy )

From Florence, book a half day tour out of Florence to San Gimignano. (Village of Towers)
Apparently back in the past , size do matters (Does it still now?) …. as such the bigger your stature in the city of San Gimignano, the taller their towers. Thus everybody try to outdo everyone by making towers as high as possible.

This whole San Gimignano is a kind of castled area (similar to Siena which I will visit next) thus it is barricaded with walls of concrete……which at the centre of it all, lies a well. Thus if you get lost, just try to get to the centre and find a well.
And yes the above is a picture I took of a kid trying to look at whats inside the well. Apparently the parents didn’t care because the poor kid might have fallen inside but luckily on the day I visited this town, no such mishap occur. Thank goodness.
And now allow me to show you the different views of the towers of San Gimignano.
But if you are bored of seeing towers all over you, just find the exit out of this barricaded town and you will be treated to a picturesque view that is just superb!!!

From this town, another barricaded ie castled town near to Florence is the town of Siena…
Next stop: Siena.

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