Thursday, December 1, 2011

T & R : Florence Day 3 ( 5th to 9th out of 14 days in Italy )

T & R : Florence Day 3 ( 5th to 9th out of 14 days in Italy )
Do visit the Uffizi (Recommended : Book a tourguide via which include the entrance fee) to learn more about the Arts …… superb collection.
Below is a view from the back of the Uffizi overlooking the Ponte Vecchio.
Do try the Hop On Hop Off Bus tours which will take you to the outskirt of Florence and get to see the other views of Florence.

More photos from the Hop On Hop Off Bus in Florence.
Where ever city I go, I always like to take the Hop On Hop Off service as I will get to see Florence important sites in pre-planned route and the best thing of all, if I really want to see the site, i can always alight at that particular station. And when its time to go, its just simply a matter of waiting for the bus to board again to the next great sites.

Next Stop: San Gimignano