Monday, April 19, 2010

Hotel Review : Conrad Centennial Hotel Singapore 2010

Yes, I have stayed in Conrad back in 2009 before but I just feel like visiting it once more to see if anything has changed. And if indeed it has, is it for the better or for the worse.

I did not get the personalise service compared to what I had a chance to experience the last time round. But it was okay because this time round, I book a Business Room which allows me for complimentary late check out till 1500hrs. Cool yeah. And what is best is the fact that the room rate is the lowest from the other rooms and even lower compared to 2009 prices.

Without further ado here are the pictures :

Nothing new about the room layout, it is exactly the same as the room I was given back in 2008.

I was surprised to see the Acca Kappa bar of soap. Perhaps it is something new initiated by the hotel.



Super comfortable bed as usual but unfortunately this time round, I do not have a choice of what pillows to use and as a result the pillows that was given was a tad too soft for my taste.


Love the huge tv!

The nice complimentary fruits and chocolates are always much appreciated.

In short, it is always great to stay in Conrad. So if you are doing a staycation in Singapore, do not hesitate to try it out. And if you are visiting this small island of SIngapore, you cannot go wrong with this hotel. Its just half an hour from the International Airport and its practically near business as well as leisure centres.

So what are you waiting for?

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Travel and Review : New Zealand – North Island - Taupo

From Wellington, travelling North for 5 hours will allow you to reach the town of Taupo. Actually there is a town in between which you should have a stop over (I didn’t due to time constraint ~ darn should have planned for a longer trip in NZ) is Palmerston North. I heard its a great town so if you have been there, feel free to share.
You cannot miss Taupo because upon entering the town, it kinda smell fishy. I don’t know whether its the drainage system or the Lake Taupo itself but the fish smell is kinda strong.

Along the way, you may want to visit the Prawn Park as well as the Mud Pools (if that is your kind of thing) otherwise, Taupo is a shopping paradise. If you think Queenstown has it all, think again! For things you may have missed along the way to reach this town, no worries because Taupo has it all.

So shop till you drop!

Also in Taupo you can find the best tasting (halal) kebabs you have ever tasted. (maybe its better in Turkey but I have not been there : (

It is just called Super Loo but it is just a normal bathroom. Nothing special. But it is really truly clean. Trust me.

The fishy smell is strongest here.


If the weather is good, why not try parasailing. It is less scary than parachuting as you are put on a harness with a parachute behind and being pulled by a small motorboat. Exhilarating fun!

Next stop : Rotorua.

Travel and Review: New Zealand – North Island - Wellington

Unfortunately, I did not spend a lot of time in Wellington. I reached around 4pm and left the next morning at 8am thus I don’t have much to share regarding this town.
But if you only have short hours like I did, then the only one place you must visit is the Wellington Museum. (Te Papa Tongarewa) It is truly awesome as it merges a science museum with historical museum all into one large awesome exhibitions. Highly recommended.

There is a lot of restaurants selling asians food (even halal ones) which you can easily find at the city centre. (just walking minutes from the museum)
I stayed at Victoria Court Motor Lodge and it is rather homey. Plus it is near most of the shops, theatres and restaurants so there is not much to fault it. It also has ample places for parking your car so that takes the fuss out of finding a parking space.


The room and living room (as well as kitchenette) are rather spacious and very comfortable.

Thus, if you are looking for an apartment that is near to all the amenities Wellington has to offer, then Victoria Court Motor Lodge is the accommodation for you.
Next stop: Taupo.

Travel and Review : New Zealand – South Island - Picton

From Blenheim, barely half an hour, you will reach the northern part of New Zealand’s South Island. It is a rather small town but got its charms all the same.


The above is a pretty distinct landmark that you can’t miss. It is along a street called London Quay. Along the same street as well, you will find the best coffee that you have ever tasted. (well at least for me)
It is called Le Cafe.

So have a good rest and sip a nice coffee (I like it with milk because I think its the good quality milk that made the coffee great)

Once you are done, you may shop at the small shops available everywhere in Picton. Just like other towns in New Zealand, accommodations are really easy to find even for motor homes user.

Over at the far north is the Interislander ship that will take you across to the North Island of New Zealand. I cannot tell you enough how beautiful and picturesque this town really is. You just have to visit it to believe it.

But alas, one must journey on to the north where new experiences await. Since I drive, its pretty easy to drive onto the ship. Once inside, instructions (in English) will be made known to you where to park your vehicle, when to alight and when the time comes when to board your vehicle again.

Enjoy the view while you sail from the south island to the north.

In less than 4 hours (give or take the vehicle queuing plus ship’s journey) you will finally reach the town of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.