Sunday, November 16, 2014

HalalFood@sg All Things Delicious.

If cakes are your thing,  then head to All Things Delicious.  Located at 34 Arab St, 199733,  this shops used only halal ingredients for their cakes.  My personal favourite is its toffee fudge Cake....... Simply awesome.... Not too sweet, just the right balance.  Opens 11am onwards on most days. Try try try..... You won't believe how good it is.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

HalalFood@sg Seasonal Salad Bar

Located within NUH new medical centre on the 4th floor is the halal MUIS certified Seasonal Salad Bar. Although they  serve  meals similar to Earle Swensen, you can  just have the salad buffet if you want to.  Depending on the time, the salad buffet can cost from 12.99plus to 19.99plus or you can  order the main meals that comes with the salad buffet.

HalalFood@sg Cake Love

Delicious cakes can be found along 4 Jalan Pisang, where Cake Love is located. Here you get to taste fresh, well made cakes (albeit too sweet for me) that will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Price is around $5 and above for a slice of most of their cakes.They are Muslim owned.  Open around
noon and closing time varies so best to go around 2 plus on weekdays.

Monday, November 3, 2014

HalalFood@sg Penny University

Located at 402 East Coast Road,  this cafe serves awesome brunch-like meals and deserts to die for.  The cafe is rather quaint so it's not meant for big group gathering although there is one long Harry Potter great Hall table in it. 

It is Muslim-owned at the time of writing so requires no halal-certification from MUIS to declare itself halal. As for  the food,  especially the waffles,  take quite some time to prepare, this is not a cafe for those in a hurry.

So if you have lots of time to just "lepak" (hang around doing nothing),  this cafe with its laid back ambience will definitely be one of your great choices for a delicious meal.

Opening time are as follows :

8:30AM - 6:00PM
8:30AM - 12:00AM
8:30AM - 9.00PM

Don’t you just love the above waffles. Its glazed with salted caramel.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pissing boy in Brussels : The Intelligence of Belgian tourism.

The pissing boy of Brussels, Belgium.
Of all my travels thus far, I have to say that Brussels, Belgium has one of the most intelligent tourism attraction ever. Lo and behold, the attraction that I am referring to is the Pissing Boy. Located in a small corner of the Brussels City Centre, it is frequented by millions of tourist to see what the fuss is all about. To be honest, I was disappointed myself because I thought I will be seeing it in the same vein of David in the Academia in Florence but alas it was not. The statue is small in stature and it is also located in an inconspicuous part of the city centre. But upon reflection after the disappointment has faded away, I have to say that the Belgian are smart people.... the pissing boy is one of two of its major icons and without much space area, it managed to create the statue as a great tourist centre in its country. Well done Brussels .... well done Belgian!
The Atominium

Unlike the Pissing Boy, the Atominium is indeed large. This is Brussels other iconic monument. Its not as close in terms of its spectacular-ness compared to the Parisian Tour Eiffel but still, for a small country, this is considered outstanding.

War Memorial
Within the city centre, you can also find War Memorials to remind everyone of the losses during the World Wars.

There is some architecture that has some Greek/Roman element to it but although small, the Brussels Museum is a must-visit to understand the beauty of how this small country grow to how it is today.

Shopping Shopping Shopping.
 Shopping aint that great but I don't think people visit Brussels for the shopping .... well that is my opinion anyway. You are free to think but to be honest for those who don't mind the long walks from one end to another (pictured above) would enjoy the shopping albeit with limited well-known luxury brands.
Chocolates Galore!
 But of course Brussels, Belgium is famous for its Belgian Chocolates. Therefore GODIVA lovers can't go wrong here. Small shops as depicted above are common in the city centre and they sell great yummy-licious chocolates. Don't fancy buying? Then just go ahead from shop to shop to sample the delicious chocolates. Its cheapskate in my opinion but you will have your fill without spending a dime.
Restaurant .......... the food is just mouth-watering.
What Brussels failed with regards to shopping (in my opinion), they redeem it through their food. I just randomly choose a halal restaurant to eat and it was just delicious. This is indeed Brussels specialty ....their food is Michelin standard in my opinion (although they are not Michelin-rated). So if there is one thing you have to do in Brussels, it is to eat at their restaurant. Because in the end don't we all need to eat?
Till next time folks.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

HalalFood@sg Ivy French Cuisine Restaurant - A halal restaurant in Sentosa Singapore ( Review )

Ivy Restaurant is located at Sentosa. It is just opposite the Siloso Beach and within the same building of the Siloso Resort. A short walk from the Beach Station or taking the Tram (just one station away) will bring you to the restaurant.


Although the price can be on the medium to high side, the service is spectacular and I for one would pay for great service and Ivy does not disappoint. We ordered a litre of Pellegrino fizzy water and it just brought back memories when we were visiting Italy a few months back. If you know the French, their food will come in the form of Appetizers, Starters, Main Dish, Side Dishes, Desserts and Drinks.

 We ordered their BBQ Chicken Wings. We are disappointed that it did not come with the choice of creme fraiche and chives dip as stated in their menu but the chilli dip instead. However we need to add that the BBQ chicken is cooked well and is very delicious.

 For their starters we ordered their Crab Salad specialty. This is indeed mouth watering and the crab meat is truly succulent and moist. If you can't decide between any of their starters, choose this and you can't go wrong.
 For the main dish, I ordered their sirloin steak. Its thick, big and juicy. For meat eaters this is just heavenly and superb. I always love mine Medium Rare and they managed to do it to perfection. Well done!
 My wife ordered their seabass specialty. The fish is nicely cook without being too dry. My wife only gripe is the fact that the portion is small as you are served with only one side of the fish.

As desserts, we ordered Chocolate Mousse with poached pear (no picture) and they are rather well prepared. The sweetness is balanced and the taste is just so yummy with the crunchy poached pear.

I mentioned earlier that the customer service is top notched over here. A quick call for them to prepare a special dessert for my wife (its our wedding anniversary!) was dutifully carried out and the Chocolate fondant delivered (pic above) is just mouth watering! The gelato used really went well with the biscuits and the fondant. This dessert is just amazing!

Wait no longer!
If you want to savour the taste of authentic halal French Cuisine, then hop over to Ivy Restaurant located along Siloso Beach Sentosa.

Price : $$$$ (not cheap but the food taste good so you should pay for value)
Service : ***** (thats 5 star!)
Ambience : **** (Its along Siloso beach - would have given it a 5 star if its air-conditioned but thats me!)