Monday, December 14, 2020

Singapore Rediscover Voucher : Fairmont Hotel

A new normal ! 

No travel overseas but that will not stop Singaporeans from travelling within the country. Its the wanderlust in us. 

When the Gov introduced the SRV of $100 per SG adult, its literally Heaven sent. 

I mean whats a better staycation ? 
Answer: A cheaper or free staycation!

So if you do not mind 3 or lower stars hotel which when offset by the voucher will be literally free, you can choose from lots of such hotel.
Else you need to top up.

And topped up we did for Fairmont Hotel.

Checkin crowd was huge but they allow one family member to checkin while the rest wait at another level. Brilliant management thus we did not get the fiasco as mentioned in the media with Grand Park Hotel Orchard. Ours checkin was still the longest we ever experienced but its freakin SRV and school holiday so we were very understanding of the situation (1h at most).

Above: my fav furniture - the lazy sofa.

Its been a long time since I have posted anything. Well I am getting older thus the energy level not used to what I used to possess. 

Anyway, stay safe everyone. Covid19 may have been a 2020 curse but hopefully we will all emerge better people after this.


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