Monday, April 15, 2013

The Moon Hotel at 23 Dickson Street is a no frills hotel that provide the basic necessities.

Imagine you just want a staycation but the high-end hotel is beyond your reach then Moon hotel may be your next best option.
Because, if you are those that prefer to just shop or watch a movie till late but instead of going home prefer to sleep in a hotel yet at the same time don't want to feel miserable, this hotel provide just that ..... a comfortable place to sleep in.

There is breakfast, late night entry requires you to scan your keycard .......... and the fact that its near central means you can hail a cab and don't get charge exorbitantly for the late night charge.

Some rooms have no windows but curtains are being used to create the sense that there are windows beyond ...........don't check though because its just a wall! 

Nice staff......value added price can't go wrong here if what you looking for is a safe, nice place to crash after late night partying.