Sunday, April 4, 2010

Travel and Review : New Zealand – North Island - Taupo

From Wellington, travelling North for 5 hours will allow you to reach the town of Taupo. Actually there is a town in between which you should have a stop over (I didn’t due to time constraint ~ darn should have planned for a longer trip in NZ) is Palmerston North. I heard its a great town so if you have been there, feel free to share.
You cannot miss Taupo because upon entering the town, it kinda smell fishy. I don’t know whether its the drainage system or the Lake Taupo itself but the fish smell is kinda strong.

Along the way, you may want to visit the Prawn Park as well as the Mud Pools (if that is your kind of thing) otherwise, Taupo is a shopping paradise. If you think Queenstown has it all, think again! For things you may have missed along the way to reach this town, no worries because Taupo has it all.

So shop till you drop!

Also in Taupo you can find the best tasting (halal) kebabs you have ever tasted. (maybe its better in Turkey but I have not been there : (

It is just called Super Loo but it is just a normal bathroom. Nothing special. But it is really truly clean. Trust me.

The fishy smell is strongest here.


If the weather is good, why not try parasailing. It is less scary than parachuting as you are put on a harness with a parachute behind and being pulled by a small motorboat. Exhilarating fun!

Next stop : Rotorua.


  1. I wish I can visit New Zealand too and witness the magnificent view you are talking about. Parasailing? Lastly, good to know that Super Loo is clean.

  2. Its a great country with super nice people. Highly recommended.

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