Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hotel Review - Piccolo Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This review will be focusing on the Studio Room at Piccolo Hotel. It is located at Bukit Bintang Area just a stone walk from Bukit Bintang train station. Bukit Bintang area is littered with lots of hotels. If you decide to stay at Piccolo Hotel, then once you alight from the train station head towards the Pavillion shopping complex (just ask - everyone there should know). This is where all the high class fashion good such as Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and their likes are situated.

In my excitement to stay in Piccolo - it was classified as a boutique hotel - and since I have yet to stay in one, I got lost.

Actually its easy to locate but silly me - if you are heading towards Pavillion from the train station and after a short walk pass Marriott Hotel, Ritz Carlton and Westin then you have passed the hotel totally - the trick is before you saw Marriott Hotel, you should see Piccolo Hotel.

For just RM218, you can get yourself the best room available at Piccolo i.e Studio Room

Nice ain't it? Yup I thought so too. It is very chic looking and definitely at a bargain price. Do not expect facilities at this hotel - like I said it is a boutique hotel thus the only available facility is one restaurant but if you are just staying in KL for shopping paradise then this hotel is good for mere accomodation.

As you can see the design of the sink and the toilet is without any partitions thus everything is out in the open. Perfect for singles definitely. There is no bathtub in the Studio Room and I presume since this is the best room (highest level i.e 12) then it should be the same for other rooms as well.

The toilet is demarcated by just a translucent piece of glass door - the shower is similar. Thus those who are travelling with kids and are kind of modest(even with their kids) may wish to find another hotel - for those where exposure of the skin is no big issue then by all means - this is the hotel for you.

A very simple looking shower head.

Nicely arrange toiletries - Friends of the Ocean branded toiletries are rather nicely scented.

Comes with a sofa and a nice armchair - Ok this could be a one time instances but after sitting on the sofa my body itch all over.

Simple looking work station - what I like about the room is that the tv is away from the desk. Thus those doing their work will not hinder the rest who wish to watch tv. The internet is almost non-functioning - I could probably call the reception and have them set it up for me but I like a hotel that comes with simple instructions that allow me to set it all up easily and effortlessly. I did not need to use the internet urgently so I did not bother to call the reception.

Basic amenities like the safety box - no ironing board though.

Day view outside the the window - and yes thats the new Pavillion shopping complex.
Night view of the Pavillion from the comfort of your room. You can still hear a bit of din outside but its not too obtrusive that you won't be able to sleep.
This is a basic hotel in the hearts of Bukit Bintang - there is a lot of improvement to be made but since this hotel is very new and has yet to be fully officially launched, the few lacking features can be overlooked. Except for the itch - could be cause by the sofa - this is a good hotel to stay if you are looking for just basic accomodation along the Bukit Bintang area. As they say if you are looking to just shop then Piccolo should be the place for you to just rest so the rest of the money can be channel towards more shopping.
Overall rating:
70 out of a possible 100

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