Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sarawak part1

Alright readers, today I shall start something totally new - I am going to share my travel stories - of course I have travelled to a few places around the world but never actually want to blog about it(maybe someday when I have more free time) but today I shall start and it will be on the land of Borneo, East Malaysia called Sarawak.

If you are looking for geographical or historical stories on Sarawak - this blog is not the place for it - this will be solely on my own trip experience in Sarawak.( nothing more and nothing less)

Alright lets begin!

Upon reaching at Sarawak international airport (if you are travelling by land either via Sabah or Kalimantan then I am sorry to tell you no such information exist on this blog either) , rest assured that there is NO TOUTING from taxi drivers unlike some other South Asian countries I have travelled to (I won't say the name except it starts with B and consists of 4 letters).

All you have to do is simply go to the airport taxi counter and purchase the ticket there. A ticket to the city centre (which was my destination) will cost you RM23. Places further away will cost you more.

The journey will take you approximately 20minutes.

Next up a review on Hilton Hotel Sarawak.

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