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Travel and Review : New Zealand : Arrowtown

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New Zealand – South Island – Christchurch – Mt Cook - Queenstown – Arrowtown.

Just 20km from Queenstown is a quiet town called Arrowtown. This small town has a rather unique charm as well as great people. There are a few shops and honestly the customer service at this small town can put many to shame. Plus there is a great museum one has to visit upon arriving at this town.


If you are driving, there is an open space car park (more like an empty land) where you can leave your car. From there it is just 1 minute walk away to the town.

Lakes District Museum is a rather unique museum in Arrowtown. It is rather amazing to see how life was like, back in the 1800s.


Thus, if you have a few hours to spare, just drive from Queenstown and give this town a short visit. It is truly worth it ~ and don’t forget to visit the candy shop. You can’t miss it.


Next stop: Wanaka

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