Sunday, March 7, 2010

Travel and Review : New Zealand : Wanaka

New Zealand – South Island – Christchurch – Mt Cook - Queenstown – Arrowtown – Wanaka.



Wanaka is a rather subdue town. It is calm yet crowded. If you want to fish for trouts, this is a great place to do so.

A great place to visit in Wanaka, is the wonderful Puzzle World.


And since you are here, you must try the large size human maze. It is truly truly challenging!!!

Find 4 different towers in the least amount of time. For an increase challenge you may want to find them in a specific order.

Once you have accomplished that, then please proceed inside ….


and be amazed at some of the wonders of science.

I called this the Giants Dwarfs room since you can pretty much be both when you are in this room.


It is difficult to say it in words. You need to be there and see it for yourself. A great optical illusion.

So, if you have a day or two, go ahead and visit Wanaka.


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