Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Travel and Review : London Part 5 Westminster and Greenwich.

Directly in front of the Tower of London there is a pier. Book a cruise that travel to the East of London (Greenwich) as well as West of London (Westminster – no pun intended) for 11.50 pounds (Again, ticket for the cruise is inclusive for Londonpass holders)

london paris 231 london paris 230 By taking a cruise, you get a complimentary commentaries by the pilots. The ones that I got was extremely humorous.

london paris 161 At Westminster, there is a pier which you can alight to catch a view of the Big Ben.

london paris 177 As well as take a ride on the London’s Eye which will cost 16 pounds (not covered by Londonpass)

london paris 168

After a few hours at Westminster, take the cruise again (its a hop on hop off whole day cruise so no worries) to go all the way to the east of London to alight at Greenwich.

Of course along the way you may get a chance to see the room in which Charles Dickens actually slept in while writing his novels.

london paris 183 Once you reach Greenwich, alight and go straight to the market (Opens Thurs to Sunday)

london paris 189

Not unlike the Borough Market, here you will find food too as well as other antiques items.

Once you are done here, you can go straight North to the FREE naval museum just located 200m from the market.

london paris 200 Once you are done inside (probably will take you two hours or so, just behind this museum is a large park.

london paris 215

london paris 204 At the top of this park is where the Observatory lies – That is the location of the Greenwich Meridian. The zero absolute point in which all time on earth is being referred to.


Once you have reached the top, make sure you have enough time to make your way to the pier before the last boat leaves otherwise you have to take the DLR (its Tube-like train) back and its a long distance away from Southwark and Central London.


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