Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Travel and Review : London Part 4 Southwark – London Bridge / Monument / Borough Market

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400 metres away from Tower Bridge is the infamous London Bridge.

Nothing spectacular unlike the Tower Bridge.

london paris 145 Don’t understand the significance of this sign though which can be found at the end of London Bridge,

london paris 149

london paris 151london paris 148 But what is particularly great about London Bridge is the fact that you can get to the MONUMENT which is just beside the end of the bridge.

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If you can climb the hundred of stairs to the top you will get a paper certificate. Suffice to say, I did not climb to the top but you should give a try if you physically fit.


If crossing the London Bridge just to get to the Monument seems uninteresting, then you should NOT cross the bridge but just make your way a tad further to the west to get to the Tate Modern (free entrance to the museum)  and Shakepeares Globe Theatre.(10.50 pounds entrance fee – again inclusive with the Londonpass) or if you must eat (and it happens to be a Saturday) then make your way to the Borough Market of Southwark (just 100metres from London Bridge Tube station)

for galores of food food and more food!!!


london paris 137  london paris 139 Its crowded all the time.

london paris 140 And don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, you can find such here as well : )

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 london paris 143                                                                                                         NEXT

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