Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Travel and Review : London Part 3 Southwark – Tower of London

london paris 021

To enter its a steep 21.50 pounds but its worth it!!! (Again if you have purchased Londonpass the entrance price is inclusive)


Remember you first have to cross the Tower Bridge to get there if you are across the river from the Tower.

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london paris 055 Get yourself acquainted with the area by getting a free map or you can always depend on their directions signboard.

london paris 056 A lot of history as Tower of London is roughly 1000 years old so take your time to read the fascinating facts around the tower.

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london paris 060

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london paris 076

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Words cannot describe how fantastic this place really is!!!! Trust me, you will spend a minimum of 5 hours if you wish to explore every nooks and crannies available at your disposal.

Some of the areas, unfortunately, will prohibit the usage of cameras so you have to be there to experience it yourself since there are no photos to show.

But those areas that I can take a shot will probably be shown below:

london paris 086  london paris 071

london paris 073london paris 074 london paris 088 london paris 089 london paris 090 london paris 072

If the above sites do not make your feet sore from walking, you can always take a break by watching LIVE plays.


london paris 103

However the fun part of such live plays is the fact that YOU have to participate. Trust me its fun and educational at the same time.

london paris 106

And after a long day of joining the different available plays, its time to source for your souvenirs. One of the place is below the museum of King Henry VIII (photography not allowed there) and the other is at the Medieval Palace Shop.

london paris 114 london paris 116 If you go to London, you have to visit the Tower of London – its a waste if you don’t. Its educational, interactive and most important of all FUN!


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  1. The view from the Tpwer is spectacular. Worth visiting London just for that. Great photography.