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Travel and Review : London Part 2 Southwark – Hilton Tower Bridge

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In order to reach Southwark area of London, you will have to take the tube to London Bridge station. In Southwark you will find the infamous London Bridge, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, Borough Market, Tower of London and a good place for your accomodation Hilton Tower Bridge.


Just a few minutes away is the Hay’s Galleria. Here you will find shops situated in a WHARF ( I was told this word was actually an acronym for WareHouse At RiverFront)

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There is also a pub in which Southward Londoners just like to hang around in the evening with a rather funny name.

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Just beside Hay’s Galleria you will find the Hilton Tower Bridge.

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There is nothing much to say. Its just fantastic. Great Hilton service as always. The cost of such a deluxe room will be around 150 pounds per night inclusive of breakfast. The location is just perfect as its near all the great places available in Southwark area. No need for the tube to go from one area to the next – just old fashioned walking will do. To top it off, if you feel that the hotel food prices are a tad expensive you can always go to the Mark and Spencer food just next door literally!

london paris 036(If you find this accommodation too expensive for your delight go and search at Zuji (right hand corner) for a cheaper alternative but get ready to take a tube :)


Now lets go to our fist tourist destination, Tower of London which situates just along the river Thames.

london paris 021 But of course before you reach there, you have to cross the great Tower Bridge.

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For a fee you can actually climb the Tower Bridge and enjoy some history as well as the great scenery from above. (If you purchase the Londonpass then the entrance fee is inclusive)

london paris 131 Up the stairs,

london paris 132

Up some more and you would have reached the top.

london paris 122 Great View!

london paris 129 And inclusive with the entrance fee, is the chance to get to see the engine room that allows the bridge to open up in two to allow ships to pass through it.

london paris 134

After all that climb and history, try to reserve some energy because you have yet to explore the great Tower of London.


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