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Aeroline - Travelling to KL from Singapore by bus

Update as of 20th June 2014: I noticed a lot of new readers are coming to this site to read on this Aeroline topic. Well I just have to say that the journey from Singapore to KL is now much easier as there are many many buses (apart from Aeroline) that go there now. The stuff you need to know is that it will drop you at BTS station (Bandar Tasik Selatan). From there you need to walk for 5 minute to go to train station (BTS housed both train and bus within the same compound) to take you to KL Sentral.
Sometimes because flight from KL to anywhere is cheaper than SG to anywhere, you may wish to consider doing a bus trip to KL BTS then take the train to KLIA (there is a direct train at BTS too!)

Written in 2008:

I was contemplating whether to take a flight from Changi to KLIA or simply take a bus. I used to take a bus to KL or should I say many buses. I would take a bus to Woodlands Bus interchange then take take another bus to Woodlands checkpoint then another to Larkin bus station Johor Bahru. Then, I will take a Johor to KL bus to finally arrive at Pudu. Total time back then was (6am to 2pm) - 8 hours.

Thus I decided to take a direct bus from Singapore and thus I introduced to you Aeroline.

For 118RM one way from Harbour Front Centre to KL Corus Hotel (5 mins from Suria KLCC shopping centre) will take you 5 hours. I was informed that FirstCoach also provide the similar route (Novena MRT to Bangsar KL) for half the price - since I didn't try that service can't really comment on it.
Left home at 6:30am and reach harbourfront an hour later - exchange the web printout for an actual boarding pass(as above) at Level 2 and simply wait at the bus area - in which the bus leave punctually at 8am - I love punctuality so this is a definite plus!

I got no complain regarding the seat size - its huge - well bigger than the one I used to take at Larkin Bus station.

Anyway, just like a flight take off - there was a safety briefing on how you should put on your seat beat, who the bus captain will be and approximate journey time.

The bus stopped at Tuas-Johor checkpoints and then proceed non-stop all the way to Corus Hotel KL.

Was the journey comfortable? Yes
Was there food served? Yes
Was the food good? NO - no - no - the nasi lemak was horrendous!
Was the service good? Yup
Will I take the bus again? No - but those who stay near harbourfront could give it a try - my reason for not using the service again is because it is just too time consuming for me. To reach KL at 2pm will require me to leave my apartment at 6:30am.
Alright then - next up - a Review on Tripadvisor No 1 KL hotel - Traders Hotel.

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