Friday, December 14, 2012

Hong Kong is good for one thing : SHOPPING! But what else is there? Read to find out more ....

Date of travel Dec 2011©

Night view of HongKong! A glittering city of concrete jungles.

Hong Kong has 4 different territories namely
1. New Territories (Not much for tourist in my opinion)
2. Kowloon (Area where most tourists will stay!!!)
3. Lantau Island (Airport and where the beautiful Disneyland are located.)
4. Hong Kong Island (Victoria Peak and Stanley Market)

So what are the places to visit (beside Tsim Sha Tsui MTR line all the way to Mongkok for shopping galore!!!), well if you have only time for one place then its definitely has to be Victoria Peak!

From Central MTR (thats their equivalent of a subway train) in Hong Kong Island, just a short walk will enable you to reach the Lower Terminus of the Peak.

It can get pretty crowded and the queue can be pretty long so you need to be there early to avoid the queues.

Hint: The tram opening hours on weekends is 7am while the terrace at the top starts at 8am so make sure you are there at those time if you wish to escape the queues that can make you wait for the tram for hours on super peak weekends.

Reaching Hong Kong Island can be done in multiple ways, either via MTR or via a ferry which you can take from Kowloon/Tsim Sha Tsui. Another attraction in Hong Kong Island is the seaside town of Stanley Market.

For this trip to Stanley Market, I took the ferry and then a bus all the way ....... be aware though ....this journey can take you almost 1.5 hours one way!

Beautiful view via the bus to head to Stanley Market......the journey may be long but the view is worth the time.                                                                                   ©

Before long, you will reach Stanley Waterfront Mart and this is where you can do your shopping for half the price you would pay for in the city centre. Let's just say, I spent a few hundreds over here because I managed to find unique things I can't get in the city.

Once you are done with Hong Kong Island, it is time to head to Kowloon, where within the city centre you have many shopping centres for you to begin your great shopping!      ©
Musical Lights will light up the harbour every night - just check the time! Either find a spot by the harbour to sit and watch or simply book a cruise to see all the spectacular lightings in the middle of the harbour. A sight to behold. ©

So what are you waiting for? Love shopping?
Then its time to head to HongKong!!!!

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