Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hotel Review - Capella Singapore. Why does it deserve to be the number 1 hotel in Sentosa?

Nestled in the southern island of Singapore better known as Sentosa, lies the beautiful, colonial building style that is Capella. Without a doubt, a standard room here alone will set you back twice or more than you would pay for the same room in most hotels in the city centre. But with price, comes service and comfort.
Journey from the Singapore Changi Airport will probably take you at most 45min to reach. Bring your paper print-out so you don’t have to pay the additional $5 entrance fee if you are coming via cab/taxi.
Once your reached the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by extraordinarily courteous ‘personal assistants’(PA) that will usher you to sit down with an offering of a cup of cool drink before proceeding with the check-in. While one PA is busy proceeding with your check in, another approached me (I am seated) and kneeled to a position which placed her at a lower eye-level than me and began explaining how the PAs can be approached if I ever needed any assistance. Superb customer service!!!
Side note: Its sad to note that the more developed the country the lesser the standard of customer service thus I am extremely pleased that Capella maintains such high standard. This is not to say that I expect every customer service officer to kneel to me but a simple welcoming attitude and gesture do make guest feels welcome.
Then, I was ushered to my sea-view standard room and I was totally blown away.

Amazing view of the South China Sea, luxurious king bed, a large laze-around sofa, your own working desk and a simple fruit platter.
The balcony is accessible with a door at the side (lockable). Where if you are lucky, you may just see your friendly “neighbour”.
The mini-bar (all complimentary), and your large tv comes equipped with BoseTM sound system (which allows hooking up to your ipod/iphone) and Nespresso coffee making machine.
Other standard amenities such as your wardrobe/iron/ironing board are all neatly situated in a hidden corner with a large full mirror placed beside it.
Next, comes the bathroom. It was meticulously designed in a way that evoke that spirit of romanticism (I know being romantic in the toilet can be a big eeew but not at Capella….)
Rainshower! Every hotel that is serious about offering great amenities in their bathroom MUST have a rain shower.
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Another place within Capella that you have to visit will be the Library. Its a free access to guests similitude to the club facilities of most 5* hotel except for its more homey colonial settings which gives you that sense of relaxation.
They also have a SPA to ease all your tension away but expect to pay good money for good quality products here. But if these are not your thing, then you may soak (or swim) in one of their 3 available pools.
However, if you need to run by the beach or simply walk to clear off your head then all you need is walk a simple meandering path all the way to reach Palawan Beach.
From Palawan Beach, tram station is just in front of the gate, you can visit the entire Sentosa from here.
After a tiring day of sightseeing within Sentosa and you are all exhausted, its good to return to a serene and quiet place away from the noise of the day and simply rest in the comfort that is Capella.
A simple turn-down service with complimentary cookies and a bottle of water plus beautiful background music welcomes your return.
And even if you are too lazy (or tired as it may be) , Capella has most controls all packed inside your side drawers for easy access.
Comparing similar amenities and customer service, in my opinion, without a doubt, Capella deserves to be the best hotel in Sentosa.

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