Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Travel and Review: Venice (Day 1 to 3 of 2 weeks in Italy)

Day 2 : Still in Venice.
If you plan to spend a couple of weeks in Italy, starting from Venice is a good bet. It is rather easy to get there and you won’t be too tired after your long trip because it is very easy to get to the island from the airport. Plus if you intend to travel to many parts of Italy, starting from Venice ensure that you won’t have to backtrack. If you intend to start from Milan and travel to other part of Italy then you may need to backtracked a couple of times. Similar if you were to start from Rome. (Unless of course you don’t wish to go to the south of Rome i.e Naples/Pompeii)
So have fun while you are in Venice. I know I did.
The above is a picture of the bus stop. Remember in Venice buses are actually waterbuses and thus their stops definitely are platforms that allow boats to dock quickly and safely. DO NOT BUY YOUR TICKET ONLINE for your waterbuses!! There are websites that allows you to buy your ticket online for taking the waterbuses (which you print and then exchange for a real ticket from a ticket dispensing machine once you are there) but you should be aware that if the ticket dispensing machines is out of service for whatever reasons, there is no way that the ticketing officer (who sits in a booth) can print for you a ticket because apparently the system in the ticket booths is different that the one in the ticket dispensing machine. Which means your printout is basically useless. I can only advise based at this time of writing and perhaps over the next few years they may merge the systems together. But for now, just buy your tickets for the waterbuses once you are there from the ticket booths.
The famous RIALTO bridge……called in Italy as Ponte Rialto.
From Venice, take a waterbus to the nearby islands Murano and Burano to discover their beautiful colored houses or if you prefer (although expensive I might add) purchase a handmade glass-blowing vase. ( you can watch how they are made too!)
Once you have explore the main island and the nearby islands, have a good night stay in Venice for the last night because the next morning you are to take a waterbus to the train station (stops just in front of the train station) to make your way into Milan.
Next: Exploring the fashion city of Milan.

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