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Travel and Review : From Melbourne to Sydney – A road trip via Sapphire Coast traversing the Eurobodalla.


Part 4 : Merimbula and Bega

If Eden can be considered a tranquil little town, then Merimbula is a beach town like no other. The waves crashing its shores give every visitor a sense of life albeit not in the tsunami sense. Kind of rock music meets love ballads. A good feeling of paradox.

Australia 2010 959_912x512

Staying at the Merimbula Beach Holiday Park is a must as it is not only family friendly but it gives the visitor stuff to do like any beach-goer. You can surf, sun-tan or just laze around in the comfort of your homes facing the sea. Whatever you wish to do while enjoying the beach view, seemed like an entitlement of your rights. So soak in the sun and just laze around.

I know I did.

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The chalet at Merimbula Beach Holiday Park comes in lots of different sizes. For more info you may wish to visit its official site here : Merimbula Beach Holiday Park.

Australia 2010 229_968x648

Australia 2010 233_968x648

The front of the chalet allows you to park your vehicle. If you are driving a caravan or anything larger then you should opt for a different accommodation which can be found within the same premises.

Australia 2010 234_968x648

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Australia 2010 895_912x684

Australia 2010 972_912x512

Above : Simply enjoying the majestic view of the sea.

Below: Warning sign to heed.

Australia 2010 975_912x684

From Merimbula, a half hour drive will leave you to Bega, a small town famous for its cheese.

Australia 2010 271_968x648

There are many varieties of cheese available here and this quaint little town will provide you the needed stopover to enjoy your cheese while exploring its museum (they are housed within the same building). Visiting Bega is a must!

After 2 nights in Merimbula, it is time to hit Sydney……. but not before meeting Bermagui, Narooma, Moruya, and Bateman’s Bay.

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