Sunday, January 30, 2011

Travel and Review : From Melbourne to Sydney – A road trip via Sapphire Coast traversing the Eurobodalla.


Part 2 : Lakes Entrance.

A stop at Lakes Entrance on your road trip to the Sapphire Coast is a must. The many reasons why people refuse to take the highway from Melbourne to Sydney are due to the fact that highways are boring and there are many interesting and beautiful thing to see along the way if one decides to plan their journey differently.

The final destination is definitely the same but by taking a few days to explore and discover the route less taken (or the much longer route to be exact) one might just enjoy the process of the experience.

Australia 2010 109_968x648

How often does one get to enjoy a majestic view as seen above? Well for me, a city dweller, such view is very rare indeed. That is why as I drive towards Lake Entrance, the act of simply soaking in the atmosphere is in itself a truly wonderful experience. For me, most of the times, a good holiday does not have to consist of great shopping and sorts but more of appreciating nature at its best and beautiful.

Australia 2010 878_684x912

Heyfield Motel is a great place to stop while you are in Lakes Entrance. The apartment is rather well kept and comes with fully equipped kitchen.

Australia 2010 869_912x684

Australia 2010 868_912x684

Australia 2010 867_912x684

Australia 2010 866_912x684

Australia 2010 864_912x684 

Pardon me for the mess seen above as I have totally forgotten to take pictures prior to habiting it…..oh well , one sometimes forget when one is totally enjoying oneself.

Australia 2010 872_912x684

For those who drive, parking is a simple act of leaving your car on your front porch.

Australia 2010 875_912x684

Lakes Entrance is a rather quiet and quaint little town but the draw of the town is a bridge in the middle of it.

Australia 2010 138_968x648

Australia 2010 861_912x684

Crossing the bridge above will lead you to a beach that feels untouched by anyone before. The sand is as crystallized and clean as the eye can see. The ocean, without a trace of any boats or islands feels as though the horizon from east to west is one vast magnificent ocean that transcends reality. Well at least it was for me. The view is simply phenomenal.

Australia 2010 863_912x684


Australia 2010 862_912x684

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